Thursday, 21 April 2016

Morrisons Zesty Bean Burgers Review (M Kitchen)

As I mentioned when I reviewed the Great Food carrot falafel, Morrisons seems to have recently put a lot more focus on freefrom at the moment with whole chilled spaces just for a range of freefrom products. I also bought these zesty bean burgers at the time.

These are vegetarian and based on a mixture of sweet potato and pulses and beans - chickpeas, cannellini beans, kidney beans and black eyed beans. These are then mixed with spring onions, lemon zest and a whole range of spices to product two thick and substantial bean burgers. They are nice and compact but also thick and tasty looking with lots of colours and you can see the mix of beans flecked throughout for a very appetising appearance.

They were nice and easy to cook  - just 15 minutes in the oven - and came out smelling spicy and fragrant with a nice crisp outer coating. It was also good to note they weren't breaking apart or crumbling as so often these kind of vegetarian products do. This was probably due to the fact that there is a high bean content and the sweet potato probably helps hold everything together.

Taste wise, they really stood out versus other bean burgers I tried. What I really liked about these is that they were actually properly 'beany'. As in I could both taste the flavour of the cannellini, kidney and black eyed beans and because there were whole beans studded throughout, I could feel them which gave an interesting and satisfying texture. So often with bean burgers everything is pulverished so much that they're just generic mush with nothing coming through strongly. But you do really get the bean flavour here. Apologies for the photo of a fairly meagre looking dinner - I wasn't that hungry - so just had with a mushroom, some leeks and corn on the cob.

Spicing was also excellent - not spicy by any means but packed full of flavour and the lemon zest really works. Its sharpness custs through the beans adding freshness and zing to it. Zesty is definitely the right name to put in the title.

I was really impressed with these bean burgers for a supermarket own label product and will definitely buy them again. I've said it before but it's great that Morrisons are selling more freefrom and healthy products - especially when they taste so good!

Price: £2.20 (on promo, usuall £2.34)
Bought at: Morrisons

Nutrition per burger: 207 calories, 8.1g fat, 0.6g sat fat, 7.1g sugars, 0.4g salt

Score: 8/10

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