Thursday, 14 April 2016

Arla Protein Passionfruit and Papaya Review

High protein yogurts are becoming a real staple in my shopping basket recently - they feel like a tasty treat after lunch but also fill me up to stop any more snacking. Arla Protein is one of my favourite brands. Each 200g pot contains 20g of protein (that's about 2 and half eggs) , is under 150 calories and is low in fat and sugar. It's ticking every nutritional box possible!

All the previous flavours have been berry variants - blueberry, strawberry and raspberry so it's interesting to see a tropical take on it with this passionfruit and papaya version.

Like all the other Arla Protein pots, this isn't actually yogurt but quark, a kind of set cheese - that sounds disgusting but they are really delicious and this is what helps them achieve such a thick and creamy texture and the high protein content. I have seen that these pots do tend to be a love it or hate it product - some people seem to absolutely hate them and find them too thick and too filling. But this is really the purpose of them and I love how they are so thick, you can literally stick a spoon in them upright unsupported. They are thicker than any Greek yogurt as well.

Giving a stir helps loosen it up slightly but they are still much thicker than any kind of yogurt and have the consistenc of whipped cream, which makes for a really indulgent texture and mouthfeel but without all the fat. I added a few cacao nibs to make this feel like even more of a treat.

The tropical flavour came through and although I wouldn't necessarily pick out the papaya, the passionfruit was strong and had a sweet tropical flavour. Whilst it was still enjoyable, the flavour just didn't work for me as well as the berry variants. It's maybe because generally in yogurts I prefer berry tastes to exotic fruits but whilst I did enjoy it and happily finished the pot, in future I will stick to the old flavours.

I still fully recommend the brand though - after finishing this I was nicely full and set for the rest of the day and they make a perfect on the go breakfast or pre or post gym snack as well.

Bought at: Sainsburys
Price: £1.00

Nutrition per pot: 130 calories, 0.4g fat, 0.2g sat fat, 12g sugars, 20g protein

Score: 7/10

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