Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Marks and Spencer Raspberry Layered Soy Pots Review

I don’t when know when I got so into yogurts but I have found recently that I am consuming on them on a daily basis and am absolutely loving the sheer variety of flavours, textures and types. I’m particularly into high protein thick yogurts like Skyr, Arla Protein and Total at the moment but love trying new types as well. I’m also getting quite into soy ‘yogurts’ as a nice change now and then. They feel lighter to me and make a great guilt free after lunch or dinner snack when you feel like something sweet.

These raspberry layered soya pots are new to Marks and Spencer who seem to be having a big free from push at the moment. Even just a quick glance around the store showed me a whole new chilled shelving area just for free from wheat products such as crumbles and pies and they also have an extensive range of free from wheat bread, cakes and biscuits and even dairy free frozen treats.
These are the first dairy free ‘yogurts’ I have seen in M&S and there were 3 in my local store. One a standard strawberry flavour and then two which had a compote with ‘yogurt’ layered on the top – available in apricot or raspberry. Each pack contains two pots.

The ingredients list for a fake ‘yogurt’ is reassuring short and it’s nice to see raspberry above sugar in the ingredient list. Although I think mine had got a big shook up on the way home, the see through pot showed clear layers and looked very attractive.

The ‘yogurt’ is thicker than I expected it to be. By no means isit like Greek style yogurts but it is certainly not overly runny and actually is really quite creamy despite containing no milk Consistency wise it’s probably on par with a full fat Activia yogurt. Initially I tried a spoon of just the ‘yogurt’ layer on its own and although initially there is a slightly soy taste, it’s certainly not bitter or too beany and there is a hint of raspberry coming through that isn’t artificial or too sweet. So good is the soy yogurt that I could have eaten it by itself – although the fruit compote elevates it even further!

The fruit compote at the bottom by itself is maybe a little runnier than the kind you get in other yogurts but it is refreshing and the high fruit content is evident (12% raspberries) as the taste of raspberries feels natural and clean rather than syrupy or sweet. Mixing it all together created a yogurt which to be honest really could pass for a good quality dairy yogurt. The raspberry flavour is clearly raspberry and not another fruit and it’s not overly sweet but deliciously mild with a subtle sweetness.

This was a really delicious sweet finish to my lunch and it felt really light and was an excellent palate cleanser. At only 80 calories a pot as well, it’s certainly a good choice when a sweet craving hits and you’re trying to be goof. These will be really good in the summer when you want something light but delicious.

Bought at: Marks and Spencer
Price: £1.00 for 2 x 100g
Nutrition per pot: 80 calories, 1.9g fat, 0.3g sat fat, 11g sugars, 0.05g salt
Score: 8/10

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