Friday, 22 April 2016

Fuel 10k Protioats Forest Fruits Review

Porridge is actually one of my favourite foods - not just breakfast food but in all foods. Thick, creamy, warming and good for you as well. It's just comforting. I guess it's why I like rice pudding too. It just feels like it's insulating you from the inside out.

However, i tend to buy pure unadultered porridge oats rather than things like the Quaker satchets as I want a healthy, unprocessed and unsweetened product. So I wouldn't usually buy something like this instant porridge pot from Fuel but I got a free sample. Fuel 10k are a breakfast brand that add protein to their products. Porridge is filling anyway but at the moment protein is key trend.

Like all porridge pots, it was a simple fill to the line with boiling water, stir, lid on and leave for a few minutes job. Forest fruit is a unusual flavour in most things nowadays, yet alone porridge so this was of interest to me. Opening the lid after following the instructions, it didn't smell particularly like forest fruits but did look quite appetising and I could see some bits of fruit dotted throughout.

Consistency wise it was runnier than I make my porridge but perfectly edible and tasted quite creamy. I thought it was fairly sweet, not overly so and it was tasty but as someone who doesn't sweeten my porridge it tasted much more processed. Whilst the forest fruit didn't particulalry come though as being obviously forest fruit, the porridge was very tasty. It was also suitably filling and I made it to lunch with no snacking - and this was after a gym session as well.

This made a nice treat but not something I would buy very often as the added sugar is just unncessary for me and I prefer to make my own from unprocessed oats so I can control the ingredients and consistency and texture. However, it was nice tasting and if you like this sort of thing, might be worth a try.

Price: £1.09
Nutrition per 60g pot: 221 calories, 2.6 fat, 0.5g sat fat, 16.5 sugars, 11.5g protein, 0.11g salt

Score: 6.5/10

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