Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Marks and Spencers Venison, Red Wine and Juniper Crisps Review

I think these are a belated winter edition of crisps from Marks and Spencer that I missed during the time due to all the other goodies they had out before Christmas as they were selling them off for £1 a bag in my local branch and it certainly seems a nice flavour to enjoy in front of fire on a cold night.

It might be April now but it's still been pretty cold and it seemed a nice sounding flavour so I bought them anyway. As you'd expect from an M&S product, it's high quality - all of the ingredients list I recognise and there are no flavourings to acheve the flavour and it actually does contain venison, red wine and juniper.

How well does this translate into a crisp? Good but not great. Like all of M&S' handcooked crisps, these have the perfect texture. Very crunchy, very satisfying to eat with a big bite and thick, chunky texture. This makes them extremely addictive and the sort of crisp texture I like - I real couldn't go back to the paper thin mush of things like Walkers.

Flavour wise they were tasty but I'm not sure how well I could identify venison, red wine or juniper. To me, they just tasted like (very tasty) beef crisps. Venison and beef are essentially the same animal so it's not surprising but certainly I would definitely say they tasted like nice beef crisps. There's a little sweetness that complements the meaty flavour well, which I would assume is red wine but again not obvious. Juniper I definitely couldn't taste at all but the crisps do have a complex, smoky flavour with lots of layers.

Very delicious crisps and certainly worth it for a £1 but I wouldn't go out of my way to seek them  out.

Price: £1.00 (half price)
Bought at: M&S

Score: 7/10

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