Thursday, 28 April 2016

Marks and Spencer Gluten Free Chicken and Mushroom Crispbakes Review (Made without wheat)

As I mentioned when I tried the new M&S soya yogurts, M&S has recently focused a lot more on free from and in my store had a whole chilled area just for free from products with everything from the dairy free yogurts I tried to crumbles and ready meals without meat. At the same I also bought these wheat free and gluten free crispbakes.

I've always preferred M&S crispbakes to other supermarkets as you get a lot more high quality filling in them and less cheaper stuff to bulk it out. Chicken and mushroom is always a classic combo so this sounded promising.

The pack was easy to open and after simply baking in an oven for 20 minutes out came a rather delicious looking bake with an inviting golden crust. Certainly from appearance you wouldn't know it was wheat and gluten free. This was also true when cutting it, it was nice and crunchy without being brittle and the whole thing didn't disintegrate or fall apart. I simply served it with couscous and (rather a lot) of veg.

Trying just a bit of the crunchy outside area, I can resolutely say no one would be able to tell it was wheat and gluten free. It was savoury, moreish and satisfying in both texture and taste. However, the real star of this is the filling. There were huge chunks or chicken in here! Not just little bits dotted here and then but great big pieces that were moist and utterly delicious. Seriously there's more chicken in this than any other ready meal I've tried. It was so generous with the filling and the mushrooms complemented it perfectly for a really delicious dinner. The filling isn't wet as there is no sauce but it is tender and by no means dry.

I would 100% buy these again. They were quick, easy and delicious dinner. And whilst it's it doesn't taste like a free from product, the biggest selling point is the sheer quality and quantity of the filling. Everyone can enjoy this.

Price: £1.70
Bought at: Marks and Spencer
Nutrition per crispbake: 213 calories, 10.4g fat, 1.2g sat fat, 0.9g sugar, 1.2g salt

Score: 8/10

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