Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Burtons Fish and Chips Brown Sauce Review

So after bringing back Fish and Chips, Burton's seem to have had a success on their hands with curry and pickled versions also hitting the shelves. I must admit these are a bit of a guilty pleasure. Laden with all kinds of weird ingredients and very salty - but they are moreishly addictive and enjoyable.

As a follow up, Burtons have launched a red sauce (basically ketchup) and brown sauce version of their snack. Fans can vote for their favourite of the two and the winner will become a permanent addition to the range. Although I get fish and chips and ketchup as a combo, who on earth would have brown sauce with it? Although for some reason this is the flavour I went for as it seemed more unusual and you can get other tomato sauce crisps.

I chose to merely glance over the ingredients list because reading it too closely would probably put me off. However, per small 25g they're not too hard at 122 calories a pack and actually when you empty them out you do get a fair few in a pack.

Opening the pack, the smell that came out led me to believe these weren't going to live up to their name. It didn't particularly smell of brown sauce but actually smelt quite sweet and syrupy and oddly enough it reminded me of orange gelatine sweets like Haribo rings, which is never a good first impression!

The crackers do look pretty cool as do all Burtons Fish and Chips with a good mix of both shapes. Texture wise, they live up to standard with a satisfying crunch that is also slightly crumbly and short. However, the brown sauce flavour just didn't work for me at all. It wasn't particularly strong unlike the standard Fish and Chips or curry version. which hit you over the head with salty flavour. These were underwhelming and what taste there was, was poor.

They actually tasted pretty sweet and artificial to me and really didn't resemble brown sauce in the slightest as there was none of the complexity or spices or savouriness I expected to come through. It just tasted a bit cheap and sugary and this is supposed to be a savoury snack.

I still love the original and curry Fish and chips but certainly wouldn't buy these again. Unless the red sauce version is even more abysmal, I don't see this becoming a permanent addition to the range!

Bought at: Sainsburys
Price: £1 on promo for a multipack of 5 x 25g (usually £1.59)
Nutrition per pack: 122 calories, 6.1g fat, 1.3g sat fat, 2.0g sugars, 0.4g salt

Score: 4/10

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