Sunday, 17 April 2016

Nutribix Gluten Free Wholegrain Sorghum Cereal

Cereal is probably one of my favourite foods and a staple of my diet although I do prefer to keep to the simple options - Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, Porridge etc that I can then customise and top myself for added nutrition. Sadly the majority of cereals that hit the shelves are overly sweetened,  overly processed sugar bombs so I don't often get to try new ones. Weetabix Protein I tried recently and absolutely loved (review here) but browsing the freefrom page on Ocado, I found a kind of Weetabix esque product... but without the wheat - making it a gluten free cereal.

Instead Nutribix is made from wholegrain sorghum, which is a type of genus of plants according to wikipedia whatever the means. Essentially it's a type of anicent grain and mostly found in Australia, which is where this product comes from.What this translates into though is a cereal that looks very similar to Weetabix, 96% wholegrain, low in sugar and a source of fibre.

The ingredients are nice and minimal with only a touch of golden syrup for sweetness, some salt and some added vitamins apart from the sorghum. The box probably isn't the most exciting one ever but I have to say practically speaking it's pretty good. Unlike Weetabix which are wrapped up and need yo be lifted out of the box, these are wrapped in a kind of paper tissue making them nice and accessible without getting cereal all over the worktop.

They're slightly smaller than a Weetabix and feel lighter - probably due to being made of sorghum. I had mine with almond milk, fresh fruit and some chia seeds and spelt flakes scattered on top.

For all it's likeness to Weetabix, it tastes nothing like it so those hoping for a wheat and gluten free like-for-like swap might be disappointed. However, that's not to say I didn't like because I thought this had a really unusual, natural and nutty taste.

The texture is different to Weetabix too - less firm and disintegrates more leaving a feathery kind of texture in the mouth, which I enjoyed as well. It tastes natural and isn't sweet allowing you to customise it however you want. The flavour isn't too pronounced but it is deep and of wholegrain which is something I particularly enjoy.

Despite being gluten and wheat free, anyone who likes plain cereals or things like Shredded Wheat would appreciate these. I will definitely buy them again and it's great to have another choice to add to my regular cereal repertoire that is also good for you.

Price: £3.79
Bought at: Ocado
Nutrition per 3 biscuit serving: 174 calories, 1.7g fat, 0.3g sat fat, 1.0g sugar, 0.27g salt

Score: 9/10

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