Saturday, 13 August 2016

Waitrose Omega 3 Chicken Breasts Review

Today's feature is chicken. Yes I'm reviewing chicken, it's not as interesting or fun as snacks and chocolate but I ended up buying the new omega 3 enriched chicken breasts from Waitrose. We all know chicken is a healthy choice, very high in protein and low in fat if you choose the right cut like breastmeat. But Waitrose have done something interesting with chicken by offering these enhanced ones with omega 3 in. Omega 3 is a key part of a balanced diet and something most of the population are lacking in their diet, which is important as it helps maintain normal heart, brain and eye function.

Like other Waitrose chicken, it's chicken and you trust the provenance, welfare and quality of the meat. So how do they add the important omega 3 you ask? Well according to the Waitrose website

Reared on family farms in Northern Ireland, the meat comes from chickens fed on a diet containing algae – the family of aquatic plants that includes kelp and seaweed – that is naturally rich in omega 3. The algae is farmed to avoid depleting stocks for fish in the wild, and the chickens look
and taste the same as birds reared on a conventional diet.

Now you can of course get omega 3 from other sources in your diet, most notably through fish, particularly oily fish. This isn't a problem for me as I love fish but a lot of people avoid it and as said a lot of the population are under nourished in omega 3 of which we need 250mg a week. This chicken contains 68mg per 100g so a couple of breasts of these a work is an easy, alternative way to get this into your diet.

The new omega 3 enriched range covers all your chicken cuts but I went for some breast pieces. Essentially this acts and tastes just like normal chicken so there are no worries about any fishy or algae taste coming through and like most Waitrose meat, it's excellent quality - no gristle, juicy, moist and succulent.

I served it with a thai green sauce and some veg rice and roasted vegetables and it made a delicious healthy meal plus it helps gives more omega 3. It's definitely worth buying if you struggle to get enough in your diet as it is no different to normal chicken but even more nutritious

Price: £8.80 for 4 chicken breasts (prices vary but cut and pack size)
Bought at: Waitrose
Nutrition per 100g: 141 calories, 2.1g fat, 0.6g sat fat, protein 30.6g  salt 0.13g

Score: 8/10 

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