Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Marks and Spencer Active Health Blueberry Live Yogurt with Granola

M&S yogurts are actually surprisingly good quality. Well, not that surprising as it’s M&S and you expect good quality but even on some of their cheaper yogurts the fruit content is really high. I recently tried their blueberry and blackcurrant pot and it was over 20% fruit which is a lot higher than even high quality brands like Yeo Valley which tend to be around 5%. And you do really notice the increased fruit content as you get a much more intense flavour. 

This yogurt from the active health range is a bit more premium and is essentially a breakfast on the go option although I had it as a dessert after dinner. It’s your typical split pot with a side compartment of granola and then low fat yogurt on top of a blueberry compote. Quality wise, it looked extremely promising. As part of the Active Health range you get the added benefits of bone health with vitamin D to help absorb the calcium in the yogurt and the oat beta glucan that helps lower cholesterol. 

But even taking this aside, the basic are spot on. There is loads of granola and it’s made without sugar but instead uses agave. In addition the blueberry compote is made up of more blueberry than sugar as well giving an overall sugar content of 8.5%. This is really low amongst other yogurts especially considering the likes of Yeo Valley and Rachel’s are around 12-15% and they have no compote or granola.

I made a bit of mess of trying to mix it all in as the pot doesn’t  flex that well but I managed and it was a really tasty snack. Okay, it’s a low fat yogurt so not as creamy as other yogurts but the blueberry compote is bursting with flavour, sweet and intense and you can see actual blueberries in it. The granola isn’t overly sweet but adds a nice crunch and textural difference that works well against the smooth yogurt.

At just over 250 calories, it maybe is more breakfast than a snack but I enjoyed it as a snack regardless. It felt like I was getting something that felt a bit of a treat but also had some nutritional value as well. It’s probably too pricey to have everyday but definitely worth trying.

Bought at: M&S
Nutrition per 100g: 158 calories, 4.4g fat, 0.5g sat fat, 8.5g sugars, 5.4g protein, 0.08g salt

Score: 8/10

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