Saturday, 27 August 2016

Aldi Domio Yoghurt Review - Passionfruit

As I've said before, I like my yoghurts super thick, strained and high  in protein with Skyr, Arla Protein and Danio the types I tend to favour nowadays. I can't be dealing with runny yogurt, I want something I can stick a spoon unsupported. Now I was pretty impressed to stumble on these knock off Danio yogurts in Aldi - called......Domio. Whilst the name reminds me more of Dolmio pasta sauce than Danio, the packs looks pretty similar and the four flavours they do - strawberry, blueberry, passion fruit and cherry - are the exact same ones as Danio.

It's also a 150g pot and high in protein with a thick strained yogurt on top of a fruit compote. These are only 39p so an utter bargain but they needed to be good as well. Opening it up it looked promising, it looks like the passion fruit compote had spilled out a bit but this was due to my careless transporting of these home.

It looks fairly similar to Danio with the piped design on top. Delving in the yogurt has a nice, creamy mousse like texture and is super thick. It's perfectly tasty on its own and blends well with the passion fruit sauce. Aldi haven't scrimped on the passion fruit and it contains a similar amount to the Danio branded ones. There are some passion fruit seeds in there for an authentic look and feel and it all mixes together well.

The sauce is maybe slightly less sweet than Danio, which is a good thing in my opinion but even with these I didn't eat all the sauce as I don't like my yogurts too sweet. I have to say I was really impressed with these - gorgeously thick and creamy with a really fresh tropical taste and nutritionally it's pretty similar to Danio with a good protein content and actually slightly less sugars than the Danio ones.

Danio is maybe slightly better but only marginally and for the price I am sold on these as these are just as good quality. One I will definitely be returning to. Keep up the good work Aldi!

Price: £0.39
Bought at: Aldi
Nutrition per pot: 80 calories, <0.5g fat, <0.1g sat fat, 14g sugars, 0.23g salt

Score: 8/10

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