Sunday, 17 July 2016

Tesco Avocado Spread Review

One thing I will give Tesco for is they do try new things. As far as I'm aware they were the first supermarket to have courgetti and cauliflower couscous before others also came along and capitalising on the healthfood trend they now have a coconut and an avocado spread. I see Waitrose have also just launched their own version but the Tesco one has been out a while now.

I picked up the avocado spread at a fairly priced £1.25. It's a reduced fat spread made with vegtable oils and 24% avocado oil. So essentially a Bertolli type product with some avocado in rather than being purely avocado. Through fortification it's also a source of vitamin A and D and it's a source of omega 3 fatty acids. It's also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Partly what drove me to buy is that it's in a small 250g pack. I just don't get through butter or margarine quick enough to warrant 500g packs even though they're often cheaper than smaller packs when on promotion. It promises a neutral flavour so I was intrigued to see just how avocadey it would be.

Opening it up it looks like your typical spread with a typical pale yellow colour. It's instantly spreadable straight from the fridge making it easy to use. Initially I tried putting it on top of some warm new potatoes instead of butter and noticed it didn't quite melt as quickly or as nicely as normal butter. The flavour was fairly neutral but it did have a bit of an avocado back taste to it.

I also used it for frying some veggie sausages and here it acted like a normal spread. It greased the pan nicely, melted quickly and left no trace of avocado taste on the sausages. On bread it's quite nice cold, easier to spread than butter with a nice little avocado hint to make it more interesting but I feel this would just be down right wrong on toast. Toast surely deserves only good butter?

It's lower in fat than butter but to be honest I just think this is slightly gimmicky. I'm sure vegans would appreciate it but I just found there was a slight avocado hint to it, which makes it less versatile and limits when you can use it. It is lower in fat than butter but that's not a big enough appeal to me and to be honest you're not really going to get any avocado goodness from this. If you want the benefits of avocado, eat an avocado. If you want something for your toast, stick with butter.

It is a nice little twist for cold bread and tastes nice and a bit different but for everyday use, I'll stick with what I know.

Price: £1.25
Bought at: Tesco
Nutrition per 10g serving: 53 calories, 5.9g fat, 1.4g sat fat, <0.1g sugars, 0.1g salt

Score: 6/10

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