Thursday, 7 July 2016

Love Beets Cherry and Berry Beet Juice

I run quite a lot and have also heard that beetroot juice is good for helping improve running or cycling performance marginally and helps you work out for longer. Whether or not improved athletic performance is true or not (although most studies I've seen suggest a slight improvement) you can't deny beetroot juice is a healthy choice. Beetroot contains an antioxidant shown to lower glucose levels, increase insulin sensitivity. They also have been linked to lowering blood pressure due to being high in nitrates and are a great source of iron and folic acid.

This beetroot juice from Love Beets is blended with apple juice and cherry puree and blackcurrant juice to make it more palatable plus cherry juice is also very good for you and blackcurrants are very high in vitamin c. The ingredients list is literally these four ingredients, all of which are not from concentrate, plus a little lemon juice for balance.

Pouring it out after a run when I was hot and bothered, it is a beautiful radiant ruby red and looked smooth and refreshing. The overwhelming smell is that quite earthy smell from beetroot. Drinking it is clear it is a beetroot juice and if you don't like veg juices and green smoothies, you're unlikely to like this. However, I found it very drinkable with a nice bit of sweetness from the other fruits. Initially you taste a kind of sweetened beetroot flavour followed by a nice hint of the cherry that blends well together. At 8% sugars, it's not super sweet but enough to stop the drink being savoury.

The little 250ml bottle looks great and is really compact and easy to carry around. It's great for taking out to you with the gym or just as an easy shot to get a portion of fruit and veg into your day.

Price: £1.99
Bought at: Holland and Barrett
Nutrition per 250ml bottle: 94 calories, 0.3g fat, 0g sat fat, 19.8g sugars,

Score: 8/10

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