Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Marks and Spencer Spirit of Summer Cherry Pie Yogurt

With the hot weather, I tend to eat more yogurt - colf, fruity and refreshing it's one food I can actually face in a heat wave. M&S came to the rescue with another spirit of summer yogurt, this one promising to be cherry pie. Now I was let down by the peach cobbler yogurt, which, although absolutely delicious and a fantastic yogurt, wasn't authentically a peach cobbler. So I bought this in full knowledge it was going to be a cherry yogurt not a cherry pie yogurt. If there's one thing I've (half) learned is that yogurts do not make good substitution for cakes.

Like all the Spirit of Summer range, the packaging is colourful, vibrant and inviting. Peeling the lid off, I knew it was going to be fantastically fruity. A lovely, deep red colour and a strong aroma of cherries. M&S don't skimp on quality or quantity of ingrdients and this contains a whopping 19% cherries as well as cherry puree and it pays off. There's also clear chunks of cherry dotted throughout and these are big juicy pieces of real cherry not the little flecks you get in cheaper yogurt.

It's a proper full fat, real ingredients yogurt and this pays off in taste. It's 185 calories a pot so not one of your light yogurts by any means. But this means you get a lovely thick, unbelievably creamy and rich texture with a gloriously indulgent mouthfeel. Combine that with an unbelivably intense cherry flavour that is the perfect balance of tart and sweet and it's probably the best cherry yogurt I've ever had.

It's not really cherry pie at all though. Yes, the strong and rich cherry flavour means there's some element of it tasting like the filling of a good cherry pie but there is no crust element or vanillaness of anything like that so don't get your hopes up for that. But for a cherry yogurt, it's very, very good.

Price: £0.85
Bought at: Marks and Spencer
Nutrition per pot: 185 calories, 9.9g fat, 6.5g sat, 16.4g sugars, 0.13g salt

Score: 7.5/10

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