Thursday, 21 July 2016

Marks and Spencer Cafe Bakewell Tart Review

Whilst I'm a big fan of the M+S foodhall, I rarely venture in the cafe. With Pret, Starbucks and all the artisan coffee shops about, it just seems a bit old fashioned and not as exciting so never lures me into it. Somehow I ended up in one over the weekend and I decided to go for a slice of the bakewell tart. It looked extremely attractive, beautifully cut, nice big pieces with a visible splodge of raspberry jam, a good golden colour and lovely looking icing.

I'd like but to say more in a nutshell this was utterly immense. I couldn't fault it all. I often think I'm not really than keen on cake because generally all packaged cake is rubbish (and don't even get me started on that Mr Kipling rubbish!) but this reminded me of just how good it can be.

This was a proper bakewell tart and all elements were spot on. There was a nice firm base and crust that held everything together with a good bake and golden crumb. The frangipane was sweet, extremely flavoursome with a good hit of almond paste taste and was super moist and held together well. Not dry, not crumbly , just sheer almondy bliss. The raspberry jam actually tasted of raspberry and was fruity and sticky with a good amount in rather than a thin trickle. The icing on top actually seemed to have flavour beyond just sugar and wasn't too sweet and complemented the rest of the cake perfectly.

Every texture was spot and all the elements work together perfectly. No one bit overdominated and all the components just worked in harmony. It wasn't overly sweet or sickly, the slice was the perfect size and fairly generous and it reminded me just how good a proper bakewell tart is. None of this bakewell flavoured yogurts or cereal bars, this is the real deal. Utterly delicious and worth every calorie.

I have to say the coffee in the cafe was pretty good too and the little oat biscuit that came with it is a nice touch (and actually pretty tasty too). I can't say I'm mad about the decor or the ambiance of the M+S cafe but they do a pretty good bakewell tart.

Price: £2.50 a slice
Bought: M+S Cafe

Score: 9/10

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