Sunday, 24 July 2016

Marks and Spencer Spirit of Summer Passion Fruit Roulade

I've had my eye on this summery roulade from M&S for a while now but I don't usually buy desserts unless there's an occasion for it. Luckily with the summer weather, a barbecue and inviting people over I finally had an excuse to buy one.

It looked colourful and importantly for a summer dessert, quite light and fresh. For a dessert it's actually relatively guilty free. You get six servings per roll and each serving is very generous and yet they're only 120 calories each. Mostly because this is mostly a very light sponge with a good bit of whipping cream and some passion fruit sauce.

For once this was a delicate dessert that had been well packaged and was protected and intact and it cut very easily with each piece coming out clean and perfectly presentable. The swirl is aesthetically very nice and it's a nice colourful end to a barbecue.

The sponge is exceedingly good, not overly sweet in any way with a very light and fluffy texture that makes a nice soft pillow to the billowy dense cream and the little bursts of tropical fruitiness from the passion fruit. It all made for a very fresh end to the meal that felt not at all dense or sickly. I would prefer a little less cream and maybe a bit more passion fruit as I find cream quite dull and it can blanket over other tastes but all in all it's a deliciously summery pud and one I would buy again if we're lucky enough to have some more nice weather this summer

Price: £2.49
Bought at: Marks and Spencer
Nutrition per sixth of a roll: 120 calories, 5g fat, 3.2g sat fat, 10.7g sugars, 0.17g salt

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