Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Oskri Fiber Almonds Bar

Although America tends to have a stereotype of obesity, fast food and Oreos, they also have an amazing range of health foods and stores as well. This Oskri Almond Fibre (or as they spell it Fiber) bar is an American company who I have never seen sold in the UK but I picked this up on holiday in a health food shop in Portugal of all places.

The obvious big selling point of this is the fibre content - something the UK population is severely not consuming enough of and was highlighted in the recent SACN guidelines and report - too much sugar was also a focus but the media only ran with this but lack of fibre is a big weakness in the UK. This isn't something I'm worried about as I eat a tonne of veg, wholegrains and pulses so I was picking this purely for a healthy snack I could take on an airplane (airplanes having one of the worst selections of food possible.)

What really drew me to this wasn't the 12g serving per bar - for context a bowl of branflakes has just 4.5g - but the clean ingredients list. It's literally just 4 things - almonds, chicory root extract, cranberries and puffed rice. Chicory root extract or inulin is derived from the chicory plant and as well as providing the fibre also sweetens instead of sugar. The bar is 7% natural sugars in total.

Opening it up it looked different to what I expected. Puffed rice is listed last in te ingredients but this is the bulk of the apperance - I guess as it's ordered in weight and puffed rice is light vs heavy almonds. However, there are loads of cranberries and almonds in it and it's nice to see great big whole chunky almonds rather than chopped pieces.

It's also a nice substantial bar both in feeling and at 190 calories. The texture is firmish with some squidge. I guess most like a slightly firmer Jordans Frusli bar but more than Nakd example. It was a really satisfying to eat - nourishing, a bit of bite but also soft and the flavour was very nice too. Very slightly sweet and with a mellow cranberry flavour, it was really tasty. The cranberries are plentiful, soft and fruity and the almonds are really delicious  - firm and crunchy with a nice roasted taste.

I would absolutely love to buy these again - if only I knew somewhere in the UK that stocked them!

Price: 1.4 euros
Bought: Independent health food store
Nutrition per bar: 190 calories, 4g protein, 12g fibre, 7g sugars, 7g fat, 0.5 sat fat

Score: 8/10

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