Monday, 6 October 2014

Nothing But Mange Tout and Red Pepper Snack

Kale crisps are all the rage at the moment like the lovely M&S ones I tried last month and Pret are also selling their own version. But I haven't seen anything as innovative as these interesting bites anywhere.

The full ingredients list for these really is just what it says in the title. It's just mange tout and red pepper and that really is it. No oil, no salt, no flavourings. It's simply vegetables that have been dehydrated. I loved how natural these are. It's only 26 calories per packet and one of your five a day as well. It really is no different to just eating raw vegetables.

And as such, they do just taste very strongly of vegetables rather than being masked by salt or spices. The mange tout in particular has the exact same taste as it would if you stir fried or steamed it from fresh.

What is different is the texture. Whist the taste is overwhelmingly vegetables, they have a crisp like crunch and snap. I found them very moreish but there was no guilt for mindlessly munching on these.

Price: 99p
Found: Wholefoods Market

Score: 8.5/10

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