Sunday, 5 October 2014

Marks and Spencer Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

I love browsing M&S' sweet aisle - it's an explosion of colour and naughty little sweet things that make me want to buy everything on show. Percy Pigs is what they're famous for but they also have really nice version of other types of sweets like these jelly beans.

Flipping the box over, you can see that there's some really interesting flavours here like barbecue banana, liquorice and coconut as well as more normal fruits. It's certainly a really great mix and the amazing thing about this is just how distinctive each flavour is - the strawberry jam one for instance is completely different to wild berry. Usually with these types of jelly beans, a lot of the flavours taste quite similar and in the worst cases all the jelly beans just have the same sweet taste with the colours just there for show and appearance.

Here, each beans is completely different to one another and you have no difficulty in grasping what flavour it is. Whether it's the sweet juiciness of peach or the sharper aniseed taste of the liquorice, each one is a real sensual delight and a complete explosion of flavour. Because the flavours are so intense and real, you find it a lot easier for portion control. Rather than just shovelling a load into your mouth in one go, you want to eat each one by itself, one at a time, to get the full taste experience.

They're not too sweet either and the flavours are the main thing you taste rather than just sugar. I enjoyed every single one but the highlights for me were

1. Cherry - lovely and sweet with a little sour edge.Cherry flavour is always one of my favourites.
2. Peach - succulent anf sweet with rich honeyed tones. Feels very tropical.
3. Plum - something a bit different with a real depth

But the great thing is with such an array, there really is something for everyone. The fact they come in a nice little carton rather than a plastic bag means they keep fresh and can be stored away easily too.

Price: £1.40
Available: Marks and Spencer

Score: 8.5/10

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