Friday, 10 October 2014

Marks and Spencer's Rooibos, Vanilla and Cocoa Infusions

As we move from summer into the cooler months, M&S have got loads of exciting, new products ready for winter and Christmas. I've loved the summer of flavour foods they had out - there were some really intense taste sensations and really innovative infusions. However, as the nights get colder, I'm now ready for all the scrumptious new ranges as M&S always excels in Autumn and Winter.

There were loads of new things I was desperate to try during my last trip to the foodhall and I will definitely be trying loads of the new things in the future but first up were these amazing teabags.

The ingredients list really is just the three flavours in the title and they work wonderfully together. Rooibos is a great tea anyway with loads of health benefits but it's the mellow, fragrant vanilla and the dark cocoa nibs that make this into a luxurious treat.

These bags use the finest cocoa nibs that are rich, dark and sumptuous. They suggest a little splash of milk and sugar to really bring out the chocolatey tones, which is what I did and it really works. The pyramid teabags are a great format too as they really let the intense flavours infuse sufficiently into the water.

It's  a smooth, rich drink that tastes like indulgent hot chocolate but without any calories or sugar. The 15 bags are pricier than other teabags but in the grand scheme of things they're cheaper than a takeaway latte from a coffee shop. As it gets colder and darker, these will be a nightly winter warmer.

Price: £2.90
Available: M&S

Score: 8.5/10

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