Saturday, 18 October 2014

Marks and Spencer Pecan, Cranberry Couscous Salad with Orange, Maple and Cinnamon Dressing

Pecan, Maple and cinnamon are such autumnal, comforting flavours and as we get closer to my favourite time of the year for delicious food - Christmas! - anything with cranberries in is welcome in my book.

This couscous helped make a delicious Saturday Salad. I simply topped some organic spinach and cucumber with the mix and then drizzled on the gorgeous, syrupy dressing. A few Portguese Sardines in tomato sauce on the side provided a good source of protein.

Even just looking at this picture of the plate cheers me up. It looks so pretty with all the different textures, colours and ingredients. The pecan nuts studded throughout look like little treasures and the cranberries and pomegranate seeds twinkle like jewels amongst the fluffy couscous. The flavour combination works wonderfully well together. The sweetness of the fruit is tempered by the comforting couscous which absorbs all the flavours beautifully with its neutrality.

The smoky pecans were the highlight - they add a delicious crunch and add some protein and good fats to the meal. They're woody and savoury and pair beautifully with the sweet maple in the dressing. The orange, maple and cinnamon dressing is glossy and sleek and adds so much flavour to both the couscous and the spinach leaves I served it with that you feel like you're having something really special despite it being so healthy.

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