Saturday, 18 October 2014

Marks and Spencer Taste Mexico Steak Chilli and Coriander Rice

There's so many new and exciting ranges in M&S at the moment that I'm overwhelmed by all the lovely food and don't know how I'll ever get around to trying them all. But starting up from the Taste range is this steak chilli and coriander rice. The Taste collection is all about transporting you around the world and tantalising your tastebuds with exotic ingredients and fresh flavour combinations.

I started off my culinary exploration with an interesting take on chilli. This one uses steak mince for a really luxurious twist but also includes pork and chorizo for a powerful meaty trio that is delicously savoury with a real smokiness. Pinto beans meanwhile make an interesting swap for the standard kidney beans you get in a chilli and the inclusion of coriander rice uplifts your usual longgrain rice for a fresher and more fragrance dish.

It was a pretty pricey ready meal but the Taste collection is currently 25% off so now was as good a time as any to try it. Serving it out onto a dish, I wasn't disappointed. It looked very presentable with delicious chilli and coriander aromas lingering in the air. The pork, braised beef and chorizo gave it a really meaty taste and thick texture that felt positively luxurious. The coriander rice meanwhile was so uplifting, I could have happily eaten it plain.

Inclusions of ancho chilli gave the sauce an interesting mild spiciness although I would have preferred something a bit hotter. However, I am a bit of a chilli fiend and the combination of paprika, ancho chilli, garlic, coriander and several other spices gave this a flavour combination that was delicious. This was absolutely perfect on an Autumn night - taking me somewhere much hotter than the wet UK. I'm looking forward to giving the Vietnam, Thai and Japanese Taste dishes a go.

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