Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Marks and Spencer's Japanese Style Rice Crackers

This rice cracker and peanut mix is the type of snack I really look out for. I'm a real grazer. I like things just to pick at mindlessly but obviously I don't want such snacks to be too heavy or unhealthy. These, in theory, should be perfect for me. It's a pretty substantial sized pot, not in terms of fillingness, but in time to eat.

Like popcorn, you get something that takes a while to get through and satisfies any boredom eating and the whole pot is 115 calories. I also liked the fact the pot is self contained, giving you enough for one snack and no more. It's also easy to carry around and take on the go.

However, the actual contents wasn't exciting enough to get me to buy again. There were very few peanuts. This is fair enough in keeping the calories down but the rice crackers just weren't as explosive as I'd like.

There was nothing wrong with them but M&S are usually very good at real culinary sensations. These were slightly salty with a nice savoury edge but didn't really set my tastebuds alight. Nice enough but nothing to get excited about.

Available: M&S
Score: 6.5/10

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