Monday, 3 November 2014

The Dip Society Sweetbeet Dip

After being recommended this by a friend and also trying it at theirs, I had to get my own pot of this delicious dip. This is simply a beetroot dip with honey and mint but it's so fresh and natural tasting, it's unlike any other dip I've had.

They seem to be a small, independent company, which I always like, and furthermore this is a really healthy product that is totally natural and full of good stuff. It's 77% beetroot so you're getting a good source of veg and the other ingredients are simply creme fraiche, honey, mint and lemon juice. There isn't even any salt, which is fantastic! Furthermore, 50g (or a third of the product) is a mere 40 calories. You could eat the entire tub and it would still be less than a few spoonfuls of some fatty dips.

It's utterly delicous if you like beetroot. It's deep, earthy sweetness is accentuated by the honey and mint and lemon provide a bit of zing and sharpness. It's rooty with a delicous, creamy texture and full of vibrant flavour. The flavour is as bright as it's stunning colour! It was perfect for dipping some carrots and Ryvita Thins for a lovely, guilt free snack.

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