Sunday, 9 November 2014

Marks and Spencer Peanut Butter with Maple and Pecans

As good as it sounds. I'm a complete nut butter nut anyway but even I recognize this as being particularly special. I love trying new nut butters - Meridian is a brand I particularly like with their almond and hazelnut butters - so the inclusion of pecans here instantly piqued my interest. They also seem so right at this time of year - perfectly Christmassy and autumny.

This is predominantly made of peanuts and isn't one of those healthy, pure natural with no added ingredients nut butters I usually buy. However, it is absolutely gorgeous. The little added sugar and salt enrich the flavour and this made a lovely treaty Sunday breakfast.

I generously slathered this on seeded bloomer bread and topped with banana. It's quite sticky and thick so isn't the easiest thing to spread but this only adds to it's indulgence.

The pecans are plentiful and noticeable, providing a slight toasted savouriness that works with the maple syrup. Pecans and maple syrup are a well known combo for good reason. Honey and cinnamon add further complexity and sweetness. All the flavours and spices just gel so well together. Nothing dominates and yet you can taste them all. This is perfect for special breakfasts and a great winter alternative to regular peanut butter.

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