Saturday, 8 November 2014

A classic pitta lunch with M&S Seeded Pittas

Pitta bread always provides a great base for a healthy, vibrant lunch or snack. It may be getting cold and wet but these Mediterranean doughy pillows help transport me to sunnier times.

I simply toasted the pitta for one minute, split in half and filled the warm, doughy pockets with a classic filling.

Chopped up morsels of delicious falafel, cool, creamy houmous, fresh spinach leaves and little chunks of fresh vine tomatoes - nothing innovative or off the wall but it's a traditional combo for good reason - it all complements each other wonderfully.

The only slight twist was that I used these seeded pittas from Marks and Spencer's. They're enriched with extra virgin olive oil, linseed and sunflower and chia seeds. As well as all the health and wellness properties, it gave my lunch some extra bite and texture.

The bread was beautifully soft, providing a great blanket to nestle all the tasty filling together. It made a much more interesting lunch than your standard sandwich

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