Sunday, 2 November 2014

Marks and Spencer's Stottie

I'll be upfront and admit I've never eaten a Stottie before. It's a bread that is extremely popular in the North East - so much so that Gregg's who sell them up North receive multiple requests for them to have it in their Southern stores as well.

According to Wikipedia, it's a flat and round loaf with a heavy mouthfeel that is reminiscent of dough. Having gone far too long in life without sampling this delight that is so close to people's hearts and incites real passion amongt its fans, it was great to be able to try one of these from the M&S in store bakery.

It looks quite a plain roll but it really is glorious. I warmed mine slightly, but didn't toast it as I didn't want it to lose its softness. Traditionally, stotties are split in half and filled. I imagine it would work fantastically with breakfast items like scrambled eggs or bacon as the bread's softness would complement the fillings so well. I, however, just spread mine with butter and had it with some homemade pumpkin soup.

It has the most divine texture. It's sublimely soft with a padded mouthfeel, It absorbs butter beautifully, enhancing the flavour and has just the right amount of salt. It's so simple but it works so well and I could happily eat this by itself. It's so doughy and comforting and on a wet day, like today, it's the culinary equivalent of a hug for your mouth.

I can't vouch for its authenicity but I can safely say it's utterly delicious and quite unlike any other roll.

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