Sunday, 23 November 2014

Waitrose Three Bird Roast Wrap

I'm a complete sucker for anything seasonal and Christmas is my favourite time of the year - I love all the flavours and spices you get around this time of year and I love trying all the stuff that is out for such a limited time.

The flavour of this wrap was really exciting for me but the other thing I loved was the amazing packaging that looks like a Christmas cracker! It's such a cool and attractive wrapper and I love the fact to open you pull both ends like a real cracker! Even the colour scheme is beautifully festive with a lovely simple red and white design that is understated but reminds me of Nordic knitwear.

Getting out the wrap, it was a really good size and better yet remained intact. Often with wraps they aren't very tightly rolled and the fillings spill out and get very messy. There are no such problems here - even when I cut it in half and when I was eating it, it remained whole. This makes for a nicer eating experience as you get all the flavours and filling in each mouthful for a nice rich taste.

The wholewheat wrap is soft and tender and complements the abundance of filling. There's roast chicken, turkey and duck in this wrap and you get a lot of each for a really delicious, generous and meaty taste. All three work together and are enrobed in a delicious cranberry sauce and a spiced mayonnaise. The cranberry adds a little fruitiness, which we all know works well with poultry and it's not sugary sweet either. Apollo lettuce provides a bit of crunch in the soft wrap.

It was a really tasty eat and I think I'll definitely be getting another one of these before Christmas 2014 is over.

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