Saturday, 1 November 2014

Marks and Spencer Veggie Pumpkin Sweets

Halloween may have been yesterday but I'm still feeling the need for spooky treats at the moment. As they only come around once a year, it makes sense to completely over indulge in them whilst you can before they disappear until next October. Whilst browsing in M&S these Veggie Pumpkin sweets caught my eye.

I'm not a vegetarian - although I probably do have 3 meat free days a week and consider myself flexitarian - but vegetarian sweets are for everyone. Frankly, if you can make delicious sweets without the need for animals, you might as well always choose them. The packaging looked suitably spooky with some nice images that really stand out.

But it's the appearance of the actual sweets that really deserve a round of applause. Often with novelty shaped sweets, they don't actually really look like what they're supposed and is just manufacturers being lazy and putting a seasonal spin on a shape they use throughout the year. These, however, do look like mini pumpkins and considering how small they are, I found it really impressive. Perfectly round in the correct shape and even adorned with the little stalk thing you find on pumpkins, they look seriously cool.

Taste wise, effort has also gone in. They're similar to fruit pastilles but with a softer texture. They're really fruity and the sweetness isn't just pure sugar either, there's a lot of really intense flavour going on that really is delicious. Perfect for the Halloween weekend.

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