Thursday, 6 November 2014

Waitrose Ginger and Wasabi Popcorn

Popcorn is one of my go to healthy snacks. So long as you pick the right one and it's not utterly bathed in sugar, then it's a really light snack that makes you feel like you're getting a lot and satisifies that need for mindless grazing we all get sometimes but without all the calories you'd get if you did it with a box of chocolates or a sharing bag of crisps.

However, whilst I want low calotie and goodness, I also want it to be exciting. I never buy plain salty ot sweet popcorn as it's like eating air with nothing particularly striking. Things like Propercorn's Vanilla and Coconut popcorn are much more my style - exciting, modern flavours that tickle the tastebuds.

This ginger and wasabi popcorn from Waitrose was right up my street. I've had wasabi popcorn before - M&S' delicious one they had out this summer - but I was interested to see what ginger would add to the table.

It's an unusual but tasty take on popcorn. The wasabi on this had significantly less heat than the M&S one. I personally adored the M&S' nose clearing version although everyone else who tried it found it too hot. This might be more suitable for those who want a subtle and tempered spice. Ginger gives it a lovely, warming feel and the whole thing has a very subtle sweet edge that curbs those afternoon cravings. It feels very fresh and really awakens your senses. You notice every mouthful, which is just what I want from snacks.

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