Sunday, 1 June 2014

Marks and Spencer Handcrafted Aromatic Chicken Pastries with coconut and lime leaf in a paprika pastry

Coconut seems be everywhere at the moment, which is great for a huge coconut fan like myself. At the moment I love it in savoury foods. It works brilliantly with spices and makes anything taste exotic.

These pastries from M&S promised a new flavour combo I've never tried before. They look really attractive - very dainty and petite but at the same bulging with ingredients with the pastry plumped up from the treasures within.

You can cook these in the oven, which I imagine would make the pastry crispy but I scoffed these straight from the packet along with a salad. They were positively bursting with flavour and tasted very fresh.

The chicken mince is brilliant quality, very succulent and tender, and melts beautifully in the mouth. There's so much spicing goin on in the meat - I could detect the warmth of ginger, the freshness and spark of lemongrass, earthy cumin tones and a mild bit of chili heat. Plus, there's lots of lovely fragrant coconut too.

I couldn't really detect paprika in the pastry but that's likely to be due to the sheer number of flavours working together in the filling. These are utterly moreish and would be lovely for picnics.

Available: Marks and Spencer's

Pros: Succulent, juicy meat. Full of exotic, fragrant flavours. Generous filling with great quality ingredients.
Cons: Only four in a pack. Paprika pastry could have more impact.

Score: 8/10

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