Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Thomas J Judge's Fiery and Flavorsome Jalapeno Melts

Initially I only bought these crackers because Tesco was clearing them out but I'm so glad I did as these are a great little brand. Fudge's make premium biscuits and this is all evident with the funky, cool packaging with a retro image and some quirky bits of text.

Inside reveals a nice little box lined up with the golden crackers. They're very thin and petite and would be great for serving to guests either before or after a meal. The ingredients list is refreshingly short and natural. Nothing but products you recognise and would use if you made your own crackers.

The crackers have a lovely crisp and short texture that crumbles in the mouth beautifully. Made with cream and butter, they have the most buttery taste that isn't in the least bit greasy.

The cheese is powerful without being overpowering and best of all it's an authentic cheese taste from actual cheese, rather than flavorings. And behind the initial tangy cheese flavour is a really hot and tasty kick of jalapeno. I absolutely love the heat these provided. It's full of flavour, peppery and with a real kick. If you don't like chillies these will probably be too hot for you but I loved it.

Whilst £3 might be a lot for these, they make a really sophisticated nibble that is a little different to what else is out there.

Price: £2.99
Pros: Natural, real ingredients. Authentic taste. Lovely fiery jalapeno kick. A nice, light eat that's not too filling.
Cons: Pricey. Very high salt content

Score: 8/10

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