Thursday, 5 June 2014

Muller Light Skinny Cappuccino

Despite not being that impressed by the Bali Coconut and Lime Muller Light Limited Edition, I somehow ended up with the new skinny cappuccino flavour in my basket during my latest shop. I love anything coffee flavoured so it was an easy sell.

From a packaging perspective, I think it looks quite nice. Especially the lid, which mimics a cappuccino frothy top. The coffee flavour yoghurt is also sprinkled with little flecks of dark chocolate to further replicate the beverage in yoghurt form.

Unfortunately, I feel the product suffers the same drawbacks as the coconut and lime version I tried. Muller Light is low in fat and this is only 99 calories but means it loses creaminess and mouthfeel. The texture is too weak for my liking and particularly doesn't fit the cappuccino theme. Cappuccinos are milky, frothy and thick so this doesn't recreate the experience fully.

In its defence, the coffee flavour is distinct and the dark chocolate sprinkles add extra texture and flavour. However, the sweetners make this a little sickly sweet and unnatural for my tastes. If you like Muller Light, you will probably enjoy this but I think a cappuccino flavour would work better in a Muller de Luxe or as a mousse as I need that thick creaminess and velvety texture for something masquerading as a cappuccino.

Price: 68p
Available: Major supermarkets

Pros: Low in calories and fat. Large portion size. Obvious cappuccino flavour.
Cons: Disappointing texture. Too watery. Little overly sweet.

Score: 6.5/10

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