Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Starburst FaveReds

Though I absolutely love sweet things, Starbursts have never really appealed to me. Much like Haribo, Maom and other chewy sweets, they've always seemed just pure sugar with very little actual flavour or taste beyond gelatine and some artificial colours. If I do have sweets, it is usually liquorice allsorts or jelly babies, which I've always found more appealing.

Part of the problem with Starbursts in the past has always been I've found the flavours pretty mundane - blackcurrant, lime, orange, strawberry - nothing to particularly get excited about and they all taste pretty artificial, especially the strawberry one, which I actively avoid.

I did however, have a voucher to try the new Starburst FaveReds so though I'd give them ago. And in their favour, I think these fruits are much more to my tastes - raspberry, cherry, red apple... and unfortunately the strawberry one makes an appearance too.

Based around these red fruits, I think this is a much more modern take on fruit sweets. I actually enjoyed the raspberry and cherry one quite a lot as these are two of my favourite fruits. The sweets are still pretty artificial tasting to me but two ot three of these on a car journey would be quite pleasant.

The red apple one is also likeable - still very sweet with a little tang to it. I still do not like the strawberry one but then I've never liked anything artificially strawberry flavoured. It has to be real strawberries or nothing for me. However, whilst I wouldn't buy Starbursts as such, I would definitely have one or two if they were offered round and if you like chewy sweets, you'll probably like these quite a lot.

Price: 55p
Available: Majot retailers and newsagents

Pros: More modern and interesting flavours
Cons: Little artificial and a bit too sweet (but then what do you expect from this kind of sweet?)

Score: 7/10

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