Saturday, 7 June 2014

Montezuma's Dark Chocolate Lordy Lord with cocoa nibs

I much prefer dark chocolate to milk and love this treat but I do tend to stick only with Green and Black's 70%. Boring I know, but it's so good I can't see any reason to branch out usually. However, this Montezuma bar caught my eye, thanks to the inclusion of cocoa nibs.

The packaging certainly stands out. Unlike most dark chocolate slabs it comes in a cardboard box and is then wrapped in, what I think, is some pretty cool and premium looking foil. This is a really good pack design for me, as it means after you break a bit off it's easy to store away and keep fresh. Chocolate slabs usually end up crumbling everywhere and are difficult to wrap up again so this is a nice touch.

The bar is a lovely dark colour and has a lovely deep and rich cocoa smell. Taste wise, it has very different qualities to other dark chocolate I have eaten. It's a much firmer texture with a bit of snap and bite whilst eating so has less of a creamy mouthfeel and doesn't seem to melt in the mouth has much.

However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. It has its own smooth, distinct taste that feels richer and a bit more sophisticated. I also love the cocoa nibs. There's plenty of them and they add bite and crunch and really tickle your tongue with their pleasing, almost slightly bitter, nuggets of darkness.

This bar feels more premium than other dark chocolates I've had and I will definitely look to try out the brand again.

Pros: Lower sugar treat. Dark, rich and interesting flavour. Cocoa nibs make this very different. Cardboard box for freshness.
Cons: Doesn't melt in the mouth as much as other chocolate

Score: 7.5/10


  1. What's the %? And have you tried green & black's 37% milk chocolate? I'm obsessed with it, despite the fact I've only had it once! It was so rich and expressive

    1. It's 70%. Yes, I've tried (and loved!) G&B's 37% - it's so smooth and creamy