Monday, 2 June 2014

Santa Maria Selection of Spices: Five Peppers Grinder

As when I reviewed the Santa Maria tortillas, fajita powder and salsa, this grinder came courtesy of a BzzAgent campaign. I really enjoyed the fajitas I made - they were quick, simple and oh so tasty. However, I really wasn't comfortable with the overly high salt content of the products. I like my food to have flavour but without the salt.

This simple little grinder on the other hand is a great piece of kit to have in the kitchen. Rather than just black peppercorns as you get in most grinders, this contains black, green, pink and white peppercorns, as well as allspice. It's a much more interesting mix and looks very colourful in the clear plastic grinder.

I tested this with a very simple recipe. I simply poured some basil infused extra virgin olive oil over a haddock fillet, tendersteam broccoli and santini tomatoes, then gave the whole lot a good dusting with the pepper mix and then simply cooked in foil in the oven. No mess, no prepping and no cleaning. Very easy!

The grinder is really good quality. It doesn't get stuck and is very easy to use. It needs little effort and the peppers are ground really finely, come out easily and you have full control over how much you use. I like my food peppery so gave the dish a really good sprinkling. The ground pepper looks very attractive over the fish thanks to the multitude of colours.

Removing the parcel from the oven, it smelt very peppery and savoury. I served it with some pasta and though it was only simple ingredients with minimal flavours, it was still very tasty. The pepper was actually quite mild for my tastes so I would need to grind on a lot more next time for more impact. However, it's great to find a meal component that is natural and simple and can be used freely for flavouring.

Price: £3.99
Available: Major supermarkets

Pros: Simple and natural. Easy to use. A bit different.
Cons: Need to use quite a lot. Potentially a bit expensive for what it is

Score: 7/10

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  1. I feel the same way about adding salt to food. It's just unnecessary and often ruins the flavour for me. I do like pepper though and this grinder looks lovely!