Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Whitworths Blueberry and Seed Shot

I've mentioned before how I love finding healthy snacks. It's certainly nice to be able to balance out all the really indulgent stuff I eat! These Whitworths shots have been out for a while now but I've only just got round to trying them - and I wish I'd done it sooner!

The concept and packaging is great. Each 'shot' is a little 25g pack of dried fruit and extras that you can carry out and about for an easy, convenient snack and each 25g pouch is under 100 calories for a light guilt, free treat. I like the fact they're individual pouches as it makes for a controlled portion and you're not even forced to buy a multipack. At 49p each, I also think they're a decent price.

This shot contained a tempting mix of raisins, dried blueberries, pumpkin seeds and yoghurt coated sunflower seeds. It's a more unusual mix than other dried fruit mixes with a good ratio between soft, sweet fruit and crunchy seeds. There's a good balance of flavours and textures with nothing dominating the other ingredients. The yoghurt covered sunflower seeds were my personal favourite - smooth, creamy but with an addictive crunch.

I really enjoyed this. It satisfied a small, sweet craving but didn't leave me feeling sick or full. I like it's a fairly natural product and whilst there is some sugar in it, the positive goodness of the vitamins and minerals in the seeds and dried fruit also means you're getting some nutrition too. I'm definitely going to try the rest of the range.

Price. 49p
Available: Major supermarkets

Score: 8/10


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    1. I really enjoyed it. It was a nice combo of sweet and crunchy pieces and just enough to satisfy a craving