Saturday, 27 September 2014

Marks and Spencer Marquisette Biscuits

When buying something a bit special, I always head straight to M&S and these new Marquisette biscuits are something a little bit different. They're not completely brand new as I think I've seen them in continental selections before but this is the first time they've been sold as a seperate product. They are currently on half price at £1 along with some other new individual boxes of continental style biscuits.

Opening the pack, you can see they look quite simple yet they're still very elegant. Their petite size and delicate shape make them look quite sophisticated and the ends dipped in Belgian chocolate only add to their visual appeal. Serving one or two of these would look so appealing with a strong rich coffee, for a real European indulgence.

They're also quite understated in taste as well but this works for this style of biscuit. The actual biscuit isn't particularly buttery or rich and is fairly dryish but it does have a simple vanilla taste and crumbly texture that isn't sickly. The little bits of deep dark chocolate at the end provide the highlight at the beginning and end of eating each piece. It's smooth and creamy with no bitterness but isn't sweet either and complements the actual biscuit very well.

Each one is only 50 calories too so a relatively guilt free please. It's not the biggest treat ever but they are very nice as a mini bit of continental treating.

Price: £1.99 but currently £1
Available: M&S
Score: 8.5/10

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