Sunday, 28 September 2014

Tesco Healthy Living Rice Cakes To Go

Portion packs are always a winner in my opinion. They stop things getting stale, they help you take things out and about and prevent you from eating too much.

These Tesco ricecakes are nothing particularly new or exciting but it's a simple idea and done well. It's just 5 individual packs of 3 ricecakes. No flavoring or interesting twists, although they do contain buckwheat for a little savoury edge and a bit more texture.

Each pack is a mere 75 calories for three whole slices. The pieces, I think, have a better shape than normal rice cakes and are good for dunking and dipping. They don't particularly have a strong taste but this makes them ideal for topping as you can completely customise them. They're also low in fat, salt and sugar.

At £1.59 for the 5 packs, it is a more expensive way to buy rice cakes but the convenient packaging outweighs this for me.

Price: £1.59
Available: Tesco

Score: 8/10

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