Saturday, 20 September 2014

Twinings Pineapple and Grapefruit Green Tea

The moment I saw this on the shelf, the enchanting flavour idea captivated me. I drink a lot of green tea but appreciate it's not everyone's cup of tea (literally!)  as some find it very strong and bitter.

This provides a nice entry point to green tea. It's a lot less harsh and the lovely fruity flavours mellow it out. The combo works brilliantly. The tropical and fruity taste of pineapple is balanced by the more sour grapefruit tones.

Both fruits are easily detectable and the tea has a lovely aroma. It's zingy, vibrant but most of all so refreshing. The grapefruit in particular is so thirst quenching and delicious. I can't get enough of this. All of the health benefits of green tea with a truly sweet and fruity taste. If you want to give green tea another go, this is a great choice.

Price: £1.69
Score: 8/10

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