Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Nairns Astrobites

After really liking the Nairns Muesli Breaks - which were a sweet biscuit version of an oatcake that was both a treat and healthy - these new mini bites from Nairns looked equally appealing. This is a box of 5 individually wrapped bags of little bite sized oat based biscuits. This product also claims to have 40% less sugar than the average kids biscuit. They are certainly a lot lower in sugar than most sweet foods at only 17g per 100g and just 4g per individual packet!

Despite being healthier, they're not bland at all. Sweetness comes from currants and cranberries and these also provide an extra depth to the texture as well, giving each bite little bursts of juiciness.

The oat bakes come in a variety of novel space shapes like rockets, astronaughts and planets. Each box also contains a space themed sticker, furthering the appeal for kids.

Though these are aimed at children, I liked them too. The individual bags make them great for carrying out and about and also helps with portion control. As they're based on oats, it makes them a more sustaining snack and it's always great to see lower sugar and more natural options out there. Each bag is only 104 calories.

As such, they're never going to be a proper sweet treat but that's not to say they're not delicious. The bites all contain soya crunchies. These add a lovely popping and crunchy sensation to the bites. It's a pretty simple snack when you want something sweet but that isn't overly filling.

Price: £1.69
Score: 8/10


  1. These look really good! I like the fact that they're lower in sugar. Great find!

    1. Thanks! They're very similar to the Muesli Breaks but in a nice grazing format. If you like the Muesli Breaks, you'll like these.