Saturday, 6 September 2014

Walker's Do Us A Flavour Emma C's Cheesy Beans on Toast Crisps

Though I said I was probably done with the limited editions of the Walker's flavours suggested by members of the public, I decided to give these Cheesy Beans on Toast Crisps a whirl nonetheless. I actually really don't like overly cheesy things and whilst I like beans on toast, I would never put cheese on them as I find melted cheese quite gooey and overpowering.

So I was prepared to really not like this, especially considering most of the reviews I have seen of this edition have been negative. I actually didn't think they were bad though. At least they live up to the flavour the packet promises.

The toast element is completely missing from the flavour and I do agree with other reviewers who say part of the probem is that the flavour doesn't translate into a crisp because it lacks the comforting crunch and toasted bread flavour of real beans on toast.

However, at least it makes some resemblance to the dish, unlike the completely bland chip shop chicken curry crisps and the pulled pork ones, which just tasted sweet. There is a slightly sweet tomato flavour first, followed by an immediate cheese flavour that isn't too strong. The two together do vaguely resemble melted cheese and beans.

Whilst I prefer the Hot Dog and tomato sauce and the steak fajita flavours, this one was a decent enough eat. The only question now is whether to try the ranch racoon flavour?

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