Thursday, 9 March 2017

Muller Light Blackcurrant and Liquorice Limited Edition

I really dislike Muller yogurts and I really, really dislike Muller Lights - artificial, watery, runny and everything I think is wrong with the food industry. Take a naturally healthy product like yogurt, water it down, put in weird chemicals and stabilisers and artificial sweeteners and call it healthy because it's fat free and under a 100 calories, nevermind you've taken a lot of the natural nutrition out.

But somehow I was in a petrol station in need of a yogurt fix and saw this limited edition blackcurrant and liquorice version. I love both these flavours but really couldn't see how they would work together at all.

But somehow they do in a really pleasant way. It's starts off with the fruitiness of blackcurrant and it is definitely blackcurrant you taste rather than generic fruit. It lasts for a while with a nice not overly sweet flavour and then you get a hint of liquorice which becomes the last note you taste. It's not overly potent so you taste blackcurrant again when you go for the next spoonful but you get a nice little fix of it with a bit of a liquorice allsorts flavour.

It's actually really quite tasty and for a Muller Light it's actually thicker than I remember them being. It's far way from being a Greek yogurt which is my preferred yogurt thickness but it's not overly watery and has a certain creaminess.

I'm a little ashamed to say I really enjoyed this. It's tasty and also feels quite light. I probably wouldn't buy it again just because I don't like excessively artificial food but it does taste really good.

Price: 89p in an Esso garage but cheaper in supermarkets
Score: A reluctant 8/10

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