Saturday, 18 March 2017

Marks and Spencer Beetroot and Lemon Ravioli

Is anyone else finding M&S a bit dull at the moment? It's always been my go to shop for delicious treats and exciting and innovative new products you wouldn't see anywhere else but recently there's not been a lot their grabbing my attention. They've got a few new pasta and sauce products so decided to grab these beetroot and lemon zest ravioli as I've never seen this flavour in pasta before and really couldn't imagine lemon in pasta. But it's a bit sad when the most exciting thing in M&S grabbing your attention is filled pasta!

I couldn't deny these looked spectacular - beautifully cut shapes with a deep dark purple inner waiting to burst out. Costing a prett price £3.29 I think (definitely over £3) this is a lot for fresh pasta especially as Waitrose do some very good filled pasta for less than this (their pumpkin and pinenut ravioli is divine).

Fresh pasta is always easy to cook and this was no exception. A quick boil and dinner was served. As I was hoping this would be bursting with flavor, I didn't think it would need a sauce as I rarely have sauce with filled pasta.

Cutting in there is a definite beetroot flavour that is rich and creamy without that earthiness of raw beetroot. Instead it was soft and sweet and the lemon zest really worked giving it an uplifting little kick and aftertaste.

The problem is the pasta is so soft, I cooked to instructions and it just didn't have the texture of other supermarket fresh pasta; it was just a bit limp and damp and with the soft filling, I missed having any texture in my meal.

The other thing is it is ridiculously salty. Why do supermarkets think luxury food needs loads of salt. It's just not necessary. It's not awful, in fact it's pretty tasty and I did like it but it's unexceptional and I wouldn't buy it again when there is better and cheaper fresh pasta out there.

Price: £3.29
Bought at: M&S

Score: 6.5/10

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