Saturday, 25 March 2017

Asda Rhubarb Crumble Tea

Asda have got some really interesting new teas in dessert flavours like rhubarb and custard and chocolate orange and this interesting sounding apple crumble. At just 74p these are so cheap compared to other flavoured teas so I figured even if they were terrible, they wouldn't cost much. I've also been let down my flavoured teas so many times in the past I went in with quite low expectations.

Opening the box it smelled quite good with a distinct fruity apple smell with a slight hint of vanilla. As the teabag met the boiling water and steeped, the aroma becomes even stronger with a sweet apple smell. Is it crumble? I'm not quite sure but it's certainly not your generic fruity apple tea smell with a more caramelly, sweeter, puddingy feel.

I left it to steep for a good five minutes to really let the flavour come out. Would it be weak and insipid or a flavour explosion. Well for once this is a flavoured tea with a lot of flavour. It's a really sweet apple flavour that tastes slightly creamy. It doesn't have the buttery shortbread flavour to it that you get in a crumble topping but it does taste like the sweetened apple puree in the bottom of a crumble.

It's really good for satisfying a sweet craving and overall I think it tastes like the apple filling in apple pop tarts or apple turnovers. I'm definitely interested in trying the rhubarb and custard tea too

Price: £0.74
Bought at: Asda

Score: 7.5/10

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