Thursday, 15 September 2016

Tesco Smoked Ham Egg Omlette Wrap

So if you follow any diet trends, bread and carbs are very much out and protein is in. Everyone seems to be adding more protein to their products from cereals to yogurts but Tesco have comepletely written the rules on sandwiches and wraps by ditching all the bread completely and instead making an omlette wrap. It's certainly different and caught my eye when looking for something that would fill me up and sustain me.

Inside of a standard wrap, the filling is held together by an egg crepe.Eggs obviously mean protein and to up it even a more the filling is protein based with smoked ham and yet more egg! There's also a bit of carrot, spinach and tomato chucked in there to try and add some veg into quite an egg and animal based product and then some full fat cream cheese to add some much needed moistness and again to make it even more filling. What this adds up to is a product that is 13% protein and only 3.8% carbs. Per pack that works out at as a total of 6.3g carbs and a whopping 21g protein for 226 calories.

I wasn't sure what to expect. The first doubt I had is whether an omlette wrap would even hold together and keep the filling inside. Actually it works pretty well, it didn't rip at all, the filling stayed in and it holds together nicely although it is slightly strange holding an omelette as the vehicle to get it to your mouth.

On a taste perspective, it's not bad. I wouldn't go as far as to say delicious and if you're after something tasty, you'd be better off with a normal sandwich but if you pick this you're probably after protein and nutrition not taste. It's maybe a little dry. When you get a good blob of cream cheese it really helps so a bit more of this wouldn't go amiss. However, it tastes nice enough and I guess the best way of putting it is that it tastes of a cold omlette - make of that what you will. I certainly think it's quite original and it's great Tesco are responding to what people are looking for.

Price: £2.35
Bought at:Tesco
Nutrition per pack: 226 calories, 12.4g fat, 5.3g sat fat, 6.3g carbs, 2.5g sugar, 21.6g protein, 1.1g salt

Score: 7/10

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  1. i have just had this and never will be again! - pretty tasteless and unsatisfying!