Saturday, 17 September 2016

Charbrew Pineapple and Vanilla Tea

Since I received a Holland and Barrett gift card and they currently have one of their buy one get one half price on everything events, I decided to splash out on a few pricier items that I wouldn't usually get - one of which is the pineapple and vanilla tea. I don't really drink your standard builder's brew but have a vast collection of green teas, coconut teas, herbal teas and fruit teas with lots of different brands. I love having the variety of flavours depending on my mood and the time of day.

Usually I wouldn't really pay about £2.50 for tea and at £3.49 for just 15 bags, I did initially think they were pricey. However, the promise of the 'perfect balance of fresh zingy pineapple and smooth vanilla, fresh and fruity without being too sweet' sounded really intriguing and I hadn't ever seen a tea like this before. Plus Charbrew's tea pyramids are made from a fine biodegradable mesh, delivering a superior infusion and the ingredients list is really high quality ingredients rather than flavouring. 

Apple, rosehip shells, Pinapple cubes, orange peel, vanilla flavouring , vanilla pieces 

So there's actual pineapple cubes in the bag and real vanilla pieces! As soon as I opened the box, the smell completely blew me away. It is so appetising - geninely tropical, really vanilla and actually reminds of me of pineapple flavoured fudge or pineapple sweets!

I could also see the pieces in the bag were great big chunks of real ingredients rather than dust and as I let it brew, the smell was just incredible. I let it steep for a full five minutes and left the bag in as I drank from it and I can say this is one of those fruit teas where the taste actually delivers in relation to the smell.

Super creamy and sweet from the vanilla but also fresh and fruity from the pineapple, it's a delicious combination that genuinely feels a bit treaty. I've been using these to curb sweet cravings and these do the job really nicely. I'm a big fan of these now and actually would pay the £3.49 for them. They also have a chocolate and orange one, which I'm interested in trying

Price: £3.49
Bought at: Holland and Barrett

Score: 8/10

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