Friday, 9 September 2016

Quorn Chef's Selection Best of British Sausages Review

I do eat a lot of vegetarian meals but I don’t buy Quorn. I will tend to either go for making something that isn’t trying to replace or be a fake meat like a veg curry or pasta dish or if I do have a veg burger or sausage it’s one that is made only from vegetables rather than a soy based fake product. Quorn are obviously the big brand in vegetarian meals but for me they’ve always felt slightly artificial and I’m not fully convinced by the health credentials. Surely if you want vegetarian it’s better to base your meal around real, natural, wholesome veg rather than a lab type list of ingredients?

However, they are obviously popular and you can’t argue with their lower fat content and high protein messaging and I can see how this might be slightly healthier than eating real susages all the time – not that red meat is out of the question – all things in moderation and all that.

Whilst I wouldn’t pay the full £2.50 for these at a £1 I was willing to give the pack of 4 ‘sausages’ a go. Now usually I would have 2 sausages but as they contain a whopping 1.1g salt each, I didn’t fancy having over a third of my salt for the day from 2 sausages so only had the one. It felt slightly strange to pick up, a lot heavier and  more brick like than a real sausage. As per instructions I brushed it with oil and grilled for 12 minutes. 

It smelt fairly meaty I suppose and I think it could kind of pass for a real sausage but not a high quality, high meat content, less processed sausage. It actually tasted a bit like those cheap smoked frankfurter type things you get and also scarily similar to the canned sausages you get with beans. So whilst authentic, it tastes of a cheap sausage rather than a pure, real meaty one. That’s not to say it wasn’t quite nice, it had the comforting slightly fake taste of frankfurters and felt a bit dirty in a guilty pleasure kind of way. It's soft and meatyish inside with a slight crisp outer coating.
I enjoyed it and would maybe pick these up again in the future but still need convincing that these are actually healthy. If I was going to swap a real sausage for something, I’d rather have something like the M&S butternut sausages or something made purely from vegetables
Bought at: Sainsburys on a £1 promo 
Nutrition per sausage: 111 calories, 5.7g fat, 1.2g sat fat, 0.6g sugars, 1.1g salt
Score: 6.5/10

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