Saturday, 10 September 2016

New Marks and Spencers Goodies

Oh M&S, how you always throw me off balance every time I go in there. With all the best will in the world I'll pop in just for some veg or one specific item and everywhere you turn there are tempting and naughty goodies trying to attack my waistline and my wallet. It looks like Spirit of Summer is being phased out and instead we're getting lots of naughty new sweet treats.

M&S instor bakery is definitely yhe most tempting in my opinion and as always they don't fail with new products such as this chocolate chip brioche - it looks buttery, soft, bursting with chocolate chips and probably lots of fats but you know it would be worth every bite.

And if that wasn't enough there were pastries that looked equally naughty. The cappuccino twist takes the classic flaky, buttery chocolate twist you see everywhere and adds one of my favorite things - coffee. Considering how well pastries and coffee go to together this looks like a match made in heaven.

As does the cinnamon danish.... this on a wet autumn afternoon with a coffee.. you know it makes sense. Just look at the three swirls joined together with a load of cinnamon filling and the crunchy sugary top

There were just as many goodies in the ambient bakery section as well. Gingerbread teacakes sound interesting although considering traditional teacakes are fruity I'm not sure how well this would pair with gingerbread. But I love gingerbread and I love teacakes so who knows. Gingerbread is pretty Christmassy for me so I might have to hang back on this.

Whereas as passion fruit is summery so now might be the time to give the new passion fruit yum yums ago. M&S yum yums are sugary, sticky masterpieces so this might be pretty good. They also had a new raspberry one

And biscuits are an M&S staple - they're actually one of the reasons I will specifically go to an M&S as I think they make better biscuits than anyone else - even branded biscuits. Their extremely chocolatey range are probably my favourite ever biscuits and when they say more chocolate than biscuits they mean it. They've added a new mocha version and again considering how much I love coffee, my favourite dark chocolate and ginger extremely chocolate biscuits might have a new contender

Someyimes you want a lighter, more sophisticated biscuit and that's where Viennese come in - buttery and melt in the mouth, an orange chocolate dipped version certainly sounds appealing

As do these double chocolate sandwich creams Viennese

Whilst I am sad to see Spirit of Summer go if this is the type of new product M&S have for us over the colder months, then we're in for a treat. It's a good job we need more calories in colder months because there's a lot of very naughty stuff here! But if you need something healthy, at least there's a new egg and avocado protein pot - how very on trend.

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