Sunday, 18 September 2016

New Tesco Cereals

As I've said before I'm a compplete cereal addict and it usually ends my day as an evening snack as well beginning a day. No matter how many boxes and kinds I have at home, I can't help but always wander down the cereal aisle just to see what's new. There's a fair few new ones appearing including some interesting Tesco own label ones

I love bitesize shredded wheat and these two new versions with mutli grains initially caught my eye. Until I saw they 15% sugar. Considering normal bitesize shredded wheat has no sugar, I don't see why I'd swap to these. Either be healthy or be treaty like a good granola. There's a rye and quinoa one and a barley and spelt one

Similarly on the naughty cereal partners theme, there's the new Shreddies Max Protein granola tapping into the trend for all things protein. But again, it's pretty sugary and there are far healthier granola out there that also come in bigger boxes and are better value.

Luckily Tesco realise we want less sugary cereals with their new reduced sugar cranberry and almond granola. This is something I definitely want to try once i run down my existing granola stock.

As is this super grains and seeds granola with Oat and spelt flakes with puffed quinoa sweetened with honey, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and linseed. Yum.

Quaker are also getting in on the healthier eating with a new range of oat muesis with no added sugar including a nuts and seeds and a strawberry version. Quaker are synonymous with porridge and oats so I would be interested in trying their take on muesli

Whereas the Kelloggs Ancient Legends is making the move the other way. From their granolas and mueslis there is new Kelloggs Ancient Legends porridge - there's a plain one with no added sugar in and also a coconut one that is slightly sweetened although the sugar content is a lower than other porridges. Both are a mix of oats, barley, chia and spelt for a mix of grains. I do quite want to try these but there is no way I'm paying £1.99 for 6 tiny portions when a box of oats is £1 with enough breakfasts for weeks.

And finally if you want breakfast a little sweeter Tesco have launched golden syrup malt wheats  - a golden syrup take on Shreddies.

So many cereals, so little space in my cereal cupboard....there's just so much here I want to try.

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